About us

There has been a Serbian community in London since the turn of the previous century. However, this community has grown in size considerably over last two decades. According to conservative estimates, some 70 000 Serbs live in the Greater London area. A significant proportion of this number arrived in UK following the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia in civil war.
Like any ethnic group, the Serbian community is made up of individuals with varying social backgrounds and long term aspirations. What all Serbs have in common (particularly those who intend to remain into this country), is a need to integrate into British society. Unfortunately, this task has been made particularly difficult as a result of conflicts in the Balkans.
As a registered charity, the Society does not and cannot involve itself in politics. This includes not only domestic party politics, but also international politics. Recent developments in the Balkans have, therefore, made it extremly difficult for the Society to develop its activities. Not withstanding this, the Society preserves in its goal of building bridges between Serbs and their new British homeland. 

In pursuing its objectives, the Society sees itself as discharging three primary functions: 

- Introducing Serbian culture, history and heritage to the local (British) community
- Educating London and other Serbs about their new homeland. At the most basic level, this involves teaching some of our members how to speak English. In other cases, it involves making them aware of local customs, legal norms and institutions
- Making London Serbs more aware of themselves as a distinct community in London. Through its advisers, the Society fosters the spirit of Serbian ethnic community life in London and provides a focal point for London Serbs.
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